The Choice – First Rough Draft – WIP


4/3/2019:  Wrote the teaser and background

5/3/2019: Set the scene


There was a game that was played when I was a kid and sometimes as an adult.  I call it the “morality game”.  Someone would pose a question like “Would you kill someone?” and then you answered.

To me the questions seem silly.  It is quite easy to pick the answer that abides to your morality.  There is nothing at stake with the question.  Your morality has nothing to oppose it.

Quite a different thing when faced with a situation in reality.  When morality is now opposed by feelings of anger, rage, and the need for revenge.  Even the circumstances may tempt you to go against what you hold dear.  When that occurs, the answer is not so easy to figure out

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Chapter – The Choice – Overview

Premise:  What if the opportunity presented itself that you could turn the tables on your abuser.  Make him suffer in a manner that he made you.  Also realize that in doing so you could also rid yourself of him once and for all.   But most of all, like your abuser, you could get away with it.  Do it or not do it?  That is the choice.

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