Almost Made It

Last night before I went to bed, I wrote one more post.  Even though I ended up not posting it, I was proud of what I wrote.  I almost made the whole post about this particular subject without getting angry or condescending.  But it did creep in at the end, so I didn’t post it.  That is one thing I am trying to avoid in this blog is posting posts that are that way. Continue reading “Almost Made It”

Writing is like …..

After finishing my last post, an idea for this post came to mind.  That idea was how easy it was to write the last post. It was emotional and hard to find the words to describe what I felt.  In a way it was fun, because even though I had a basic idea what I was going to write, I didn’t know what I would actually write until I did it.  It is fun that way in that it is a surprise.

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When All Came Crashing Down

Tonight for some reason I was thinking about the time when it all came crashing down for me.  I don’t know why it came up in my mind.  But it made me feel old.  After all that is close to thirty years ago.  But looking back from there to now, I can say the “person” that talked to me then was right.  That life was worth living even though I couldn’t see it at the time and took a long time for it to happen.

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