Life in the Park

Before I go to bed, I was thinking about how I see other people.  More to the point my view toward interactions with people.  I was going through my box of metaphors, trying to find a way to describe it.  Anybody who has spent any time with me discussing things, would know I like my metaphors. I collect like some people collect junk in their house.  Just call me the crazy old metaphor women. Oh my God, I used a metaphor describe my use of metaphor.  How cool is that?  Ok its cool to me.  Don’t rain on my parade by telling me different.
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Mothers Day

I just got done talking to my mom and wishing her a happy mother’s day. It really hurt and was disappointing. Not because I have bad feelings toward my mom but because it hurts so much to be reminded of what she has become now. She is in a nursing home with dementia. There is the usually disappointment in that she cannot share what is happening in my life which was something I liked deeply, but there is a lot of emotion and bad feelings toward the rest of my family over what lead up to her being put in the nursing home. But the story of why I feel that way toward my sisters is for another time.

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The Bird

I wasn’t in all that of a good mood a few days ago. It started a week ago with a wet patch on the back yard. Something that could be dismissed away as my neighbor watering and some of the water went over the fence. I didn’t think much more about it. I couldn’t anyway with Hank needing my constant attention. But when it did get my attention it became a major problem
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