Forum’s Chess Club

I have created a chess club on Red Hot Pawn for full members to get together and play some chess.  You can find the chess club here

Chess club for members of LGBT DIscussions and Dialogue forum

Just a casual place where we can play chess against each other when we have the time.  The chess club has its own forum in the club where we can talk and exchanges messages outside the main forum.

To join you need to be a full member of the forum and be a member of Red Hot Pawn.  Membership is free at Red Hot Pawn.  You can register here

Register at Red Hot Pawn Click Login and then New User.

Once you do that then go to this link to join the club

Chess club for members of LGBT DIscussions and Dialogue forum

If your username is different from the main forum, please contact me (Notathoughtgiven) to tell me what your username is at Red Hot Pawn.  I will reject requests to join the club that are not members of the forum.

You can see the discussion about the chess club on the forum:

Anybody Play Chess


Forum Chess Club

Look forward to seeing you there and playing a game or two with you 🙂

Energy Work Classes

Forum member Salem, has shared her expertise and put together a series of energy work classes on the forum.  These classes are about how to use the energy around us to improve your life. After she makes the post teaching the material in the class, she leaves the thread open for any questions that members have afterwords which she will answer.

The classes held so far are the following:

Energy Work Class 1 Grounding

Energy Work Class 2 Shielding

Energy Work Class 3 Gathering Energy From Non-human Sources

Energy Work Class 4 Human Energy Centers/chakras

Energy Work Class 5 Cleansing Negative Energy

Energy Work Class 6 Pulling Negative Energy Cleaning It And Returning It To Heal Or Balance

Next Tuesday, will be the final class of the series

Energy Work Class 7 Healing And Balancing Yourself


I would like to thank Salem for taking the time out of her busy schedule to do these classes and answer member’s questions about what she presented.  If you like what Salem has done be sure to leave her note showing your appreciation. Hopefully her and others in the spiritually gifted group would be willing to do more of these classes 🙂

For those interested in more about spiritual education offered on the forum can read these other classes that have been offered on the spiritual education board.

Mini-class Ideas

Dream Symbolism Mini-class

Crystal Of The Day Mini Class

Learning And Training For Energy Work