Ugly Woman – Background

I am going to start working on this chapter in between other ones.  I think it will be one hardest and take the longest.  But also take a lot drafts to get it into a form that I want to include.

The reason being that when I try to write about it, I get really angry.  I have every intention of writing something that is professional and mature, but it turns nasty.  Becomes something that is more of a rant of a child having a temper tantrum.  So I am hopping that by writing several drafts and getting it out of my system, then I can tell the story for this chapter in a way that is good.

Therefore I will not talk about the stereotypes, labels, politics, or the movement.  Because honestly that is not what I am here to write about that.  I want to write about finding a way to accept who I am and be happy with who I am.  Not that I think my way is the best or will work for the reader if they are similar place.  But that it worked for me.  If anything encourage other people to find their own path to acceptance of who they are as a person.

Like I said I am not going to use the labels that are normally associated with me.  One way to avoid the the feelings of angry I have when they are used.  Instead make up my own labels.  Labels that work better for me and help people understand where I am coming from also.

Anyway that is how I am going to write this chapter.  Maybe by doing so I can get my idea across without stepping on those things that are tender.  That make me angry and hurt when i do step on them or someone else does.