Not That Original

I don’t know why I keep listening to you.  It is like going out of your way to see and accident.  Just have to see it.  Maybe that is the first thing I should do is quit listening to you.  The last thing I need is things that bring out the negative in me like yourself

it is not like I really care what you do with yourself.  It is your choice to do what you want.  It bothers me though that outside the group see people like you and assume the rest of us are that way.  That in a way you have become like a spokesman for people like me.

That wouldn’t be so bad, if the image you portrayed was something original.  Something that said we are individuals and decide for ourselves how we want to express ourselves.  That we are a diverse group of people.  But what you portray is not that at all.

You portray something that if anything confirms the stereotype.  A stereotype that is damaging and a put down.  That make us look inferior and weak.  But most of all it is like you decided for us how we should be in life.  For that reason I do hate you.

I have to spend my time and energy defending who I am with people who see me in your expression.  That question who I am because I am not like you.  That assume that I am lying because I am not like you.  When I am not lying, but choose to express myself different than you.

But your actions also erode away at who I am.  That make me question myself and who I am.  I am just one person against the mob that your have created.  Maybe it would be better to hide again or isolate myself so I don’t have to deal with it.   But I don’t want to do that.  So I will just keep on defending myself while secretly fantasizing about killing you.