What Should I Say?

That is something that is constantly weighing on my mind.  Should I say something or not.  It is nice to share things with people so they know real me better, but is it the wise thing to do?  As I have often experience has taught me that can blow up in my face.

I am reminded of something that happen in recent times.  I worked hard in accepting a part of myself.  A part of me that I had denied for so long.  I wanted to share that and I did.

The reactions I experienced from people about hearing that side of me, caught me totally off guard.   I realized right then that I should have never had said anything at all.  The problem is that once it is said and you know for sure from the reactions you receive, that it wasn’t the wisest choice.

But it wasn’t a total disaster for me in saying it.  I learned from the experience.  One thing is that there are many ways to express oneself than just words.  Our actions express who we are to people.  That part of me that I learn to accept also guides my actions.  So when people see my actions they are seeing that also.  They may not make the connection, but I am expressing to them that part of me.

But also the whole experience gave me a greater appreciation of those same struggles that other people go through in telling me something about themselves.  That it can be hard for another person to tell me something about themselves that they think is sensitive.  That sometimes the wisest course is not to say anything to me.     But if they do say something to me then I appreciate the trust and faith in me to tell me.

It doesn’t matter if I think it is something that would be hard for me to say.   I don’t know what the other person is going through at the time.  I don’t know why it might be hard for them to tell me.  But I do know how much effort it can take to tell someone.  How much trust and faith you need in the other person to do it.  That is something I can appreciate from my own struggles.