Near Sighted

I don’t why I picked that title for this post.  Well yes I do, but I really don’t want to write about what comes to mind with that title.  Only because it is old and not that creative.

It is the same old thing.  Even though that is what I feel right now, nothing has changed.  I don’t think anything will change.  Despite our advances since I was a child, nothing really has changed except who plays what role.

It is like watching a reboot of some movie.  The overall plot of the story stays the same, just who plays what roles and how that plot is delivered on the screen changes.  Otherwise it is the same old movie and not that exciting.

That is why I feel talking about what is on my mind is a waste of time.  It is nothing new or original just a reboot of the same old thing.  It would be nice if it would become something new.

It would be nice if the story did become more interesting.  Even better if the story stayed the same but all of the sudden their was a plot twist.  Something that made it different from the other stories.  Something that would make me want to read and turn the pages to find out the end.  But Ijust don’t see that happening.

For the simple reason, that I have seen the same old thing different telling over and over again.  Their is nothing that makes me think the ending will be any different from any other time. Maybe that is the problem with getting old.  Experience the same thing over and over again, you come to expect it.

I really don’t want to be that old cynical person.  I like to hope that this time it would be different.  But it is hard at times.  Easier to expect the same old thing than set myself up to be disappointed yet again.  The problem with that is nothing will change.

I don’t know if I am making sense or just sounding like I am trying to describe what I dream.  I think like my dreams it makes sense at least to me.  Meanwhile I will go back to reading my email and my Facebook page.  Which are just like the old days, just a bunch of people flogging something at me the only difference is how it is done.