Is It Worth It

I was reading what someone wrote the last few days.  It was depressing to me.  Not that what they wrote was anything bad.  If anything it was uplifting.  But part of me felt like I was a failure at my life after reading it.  That why I should bother to write at all.

It is not like i have had a successful career, made lots of money, or anything else of that nature.  People of my age have had families, their kids going off to have their own lives and family.  I don’t have that.  I don’t really have anything that I could brag about or take pride in that I have accomplished in my life.

Well first off even though it is not fair to say that about myself, it is something that I have to accept that other people might see about me.  About all the people in my life only see me now and often just the surface details.  So without knowing the details it is easy to say that I haven’t accomplished much in life.

I could go into details and make people understand where I was say at 18 and where I am now so they could see that I have accomplished something with my life.  Those accomplishment took a lot of courage and strength to reach the point I am at now.  But who has that much time and willingness to tell that story over and over again?

So yeah whatever you think about me and what I have accomplished in my life really doesn’t matter.  But there is one person that I do care about.  One person who I like to kick in the butt for thinking so negative about me.  That is myself.

The one person I don’t have to tell the story of where I was and where I am now.  The one person that can see what I have accomplished over my life.  That I have accomplished a lot of things that back at the start I thought where impossible.  That took a lot of courage, strength and willingness to take risks to accomplish them.  To do that despite the many failures along the way.

So yeah the answer to the question I have for myself is that it is worth it.  Other people may not see or understand it, but they haven’t had to live my life and the obstacles in my life.  I am the one that has live through it and I take pride in what I have accomplished with my life.