The day has been really good for me.  It has been busy, but good.  The black cloud that has been hovering over me is dissipating.

The black cloud came over me when I realized I made a major mistake in regards to a relationships.  The mistake was in regards to the basis of the relationship.  That wasn’t what bothered me though.

What bothered me was that it was my ego that caused the mistake.  Without going into details, that would be the best way to describe it.  The though of how I could be so vain put me into a real slump.

But also the indirectness of the communication from the other person made me wonder.  I thought we where past the point that we needed to do that.  That we could be frank and open about things.  But maybe it was my ego that was the cause for that.  Made the person think they needed to be indirect in this matter.

The relationship I think is still very strong.  It was more of a shock of how full of myself I could be at times.  If anything I have learned that I need to be more attentive in my relationships, if I want them to survive and grow stronger.