Over the last couple of days, several ideas have come to my mind to write about here.  The only problem is I haven’t thought about them enough or not ready to write about them.

Usually what happens is that when I am in the mood to write, I forget about all these to wonderful ideas I had for posts.  This time around, I am just going to write the ideas down along with a few sentences as a description about the idea.  That way when I am in the mood to write I can go back to this post and pick one to write.  I will add ideas as they come to me in this post:

  • Not Who I Am: While I growing up, I thought I had to be something that I am not in order to survive.  Over time it became a habit that was hard to break.s
  • The Voices:  About a video I saw about anxiety.  How anxiety became something that crippled me as a person when I was a younger.  How came to grips with my anxiety.  That is still there but no longer keeps me from functioning as a person.
  • The Introverted Extrovert:  About how people in IRL often see me as a shy and withdrawn person but like my sex that is not who I am.  That when I was younger it was necessary to be that way.  Now it is something I choose to be for most people.

Doesn’t necessarily mean I will write abut the ideas that I post here.  Just things I am considering to write about.