Off the Cuff

I have been trying to decide what to do with this blog.  I was going to write stories about different parts of my life and post them here.  As you can see from the previous posts, that was something I did take seriously for a while.  But I lost interest and motivation to do that.  It is something that maybe later I will take up again.

So in a way I was wondering what I could do on this blog.  I tossing back and forth between things.  I just couldn’t make up my mind about anything let alone do anything.  That is until yesterday when something happen that did make up my mind.

I was part of a promotional video.  To be honest, it wasn’t something I would do at first, but I was “tricked” into doing it.  When they called me up about it, they said I would just come into the office and answer some questions about my job and that would be it.  It ended up being a whole day of filming and answering questions about my job before the cameras.

In some ways, tricking me worked in my favor.  Not knowing what was going to happen, I didn’t have the fears build up inside me about what I was going to do.  When it came time to answer those questions on camera, I found that I was good at ad-lib.  That my answers seem more honest and to the point than if I had time to think of my answers by giving the questions to me beforehand.

I though why not do the same in this blog.  When something comes up in my mind to write about then write a post on the blog.  Don’t worry about sticking to a plan and do a story or post.  Just write whatever comes to mind as I write to the post. If it is crap and nobody likes it then it doesn’t matter to me.  It is not like I am trying to get a following or engage people here, just expressing myself.

So that is what I will do for the time being.  Just write and post it.  May not make much sense and then again it might.  May just seem that way to me because I am not following an outline, making a point or revising it in any way.  But there are other things I will keep as part of this blog:

  1. No advertisements.  I am not trying to make money with this blog
  2. No tracking:  I don’t care if anyone visits this blog or what they read here.
  3. No notifications:  The feeds are disabled along with any other way of notifying a person that I posted something here.  So if you want to see if I posted or read something, you will just have to drop by and find out for yourself.
  4. No comments:  Not that I don’t care about what people have to say in regards to my posting, just that I get tired of cleaning up the spam and other junk that is posted in the comments section.  I know there are anti-spam solutions out there, but I like to keep this blog simple and not have another layer of code on it just to scan comments and see if they are spam.  Maybe at some point I will put up an email address that if you want to contact me and comment about what I post then you can do it that way.  Not that hard to hit the delete key in the email client when spam does come.