The Story – Overview

This will about my struggles surviving childhood sexual abuse from the age six. But also, will tell about my recovery from that into making my life something that is wonderful and happy.

I originally had divided the book into chapters that I would write.  But I found as I thought about it more, I was more convinced to keep it more open and divide it these broad areas:

  1. Prelude:  The time before the childhood sexual abuse started
  2. Abuse:  Events leading up to the abuse starting until I left home for good
  3. Descent:  Time from leaving home until I tried to commit suicide and almost succeeded but instead found hope to live
  4. Recovery:  Coming to terms with myself and accepting what happen
  5. Present:  What my life has become

Unlike my other writings, this one will be more organized.  I will categorize the posts according to what chapter and what area it belongs.  I also will keep revisions I do along the way.  That way I have a means of going back to earlier one if I want to do that.

I will not write the book from beginning to end.  Instead write chapters in any order as I feel comfortable talking about them.  All chapters in the summary on the front page will have warnings about things that I feel might disturbing or triggering for other people who might be reading this blog.  That way they are warned before clicking on “Continue Reading”.

Feeds and comments will be disabled on the blog.  The only way a person can follow the blog is to visit the blog.  If a person wants to comment or contact me about anything in the blog, they will have to do it through my social media accounts.

All means of tracking on this blog will be disabled besides normal server and security log entries.  I have no desire to know what my readers are reading nor monetize the blog.  I am here to write and share what I write and that is it.