Chapter – The Choice – Overview

Premise:  What if the opportunity presented itself that you could turn the tables on your abuser.  Make him suffer in a manner that he made you.  Also realize that in doing so you could also rid yourself of him once and for all.   But most of all, like your abuser, you could get away with it.  Do it or not do it?  That is the choice.

Timeline:  This is at the end of the abuse area of the book.  At the end of this chapter, I decide what am I going to do to leave home once and for all.


  1. Introduction: Brief overview of what is happening at this point
  2. My Own World:  One thing I still enjoyed in life.  A word of numbers
  3. Reality:  Being brought back into reality by the demands of my father
  4. The Choice:  Getting up to take care of the demands of my father, I am presented with a choice.
  5. Aftermath: My reaction to the decision I made and coming to realize what I was becoming.
  6. Leaving: Making another choice to leave home and avoid the choice again as soon as possible.